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ATTA will help you shape a sustainable mindfulness practice that works for you and your lifestyle. We meet you wherever you are through personalized support for your health and wellness.

About ATTA

Exhausted by the stress & anxiety in your life? Mindfulness has been proven to have dramatic impacts on mitigating stress and its harmful impacts on your health. Together, we will discover the tools that work best for you to ease anxiety in the moment and manage stress in the long term.

About Mac

Mac is a certified mindfulness teacher having worked with persons of all different backgrounds and experiences with meditation. His compassionate and genuine approach caters to each individual’s journey. Mac emphasizes the worth of self love and acceptance while also understanding the importance of personal growth in our ever-changing lives.

“Mac’s knowledge, patience and thoughtful suggestions during our mindfulness coaching sessions were some of the most impactful parts of the LERA Beta process… guiding me to reconnect with a mindfulness practice has been instrumental in my quest for a healthier lifestyle.”

– Sheryl S.

“For so long I told myself, ‘I’m not capable of slowing down.’ This is how I know things are changing: I can let things roll better. I’m more emotionally aware and also stable. And I’m craving moving out of some bad thought patterns.”

Courtney B.
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Ready to embrace mindfulness? Your initial session is $50 and includes a 45-min coaching session where you will walk away with the start of your personalized mindfulness practice. You will also get access to ATTA's guided meditations and email support as needed.

Initial Session

Meet with Mac to discuss your goals, partake in an optional guided meditation, and receive tangible skills to work on.  

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Recurring Sessions

Set up recurring mindfulness sessions to further expand your practice. Each will be $35 for 30 minutes with Mac.

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